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From Insight to Action: Navigating Cosmetic Trends in the UK for Your Team

As the beauty industry continues to evolve, staying ahead of emerging trends is crucial. With the UK’s beauty industry worth a staggering £27 billion as of 2020, the potential for growth and profitability in the market is substantial. For those keen on leveraging this opportunity, INK Training Hub is here to offer guidance in your cosmetics training and retail training needs. 

The UK ranks as the seventh-largest global cosmetics market, making it fertile ground for beauty businesses. To successfully navigate this landscape, it’s vital to keep up with market trends and make strategic choices. This is where INK Training Hub, a leading Beauty Training Agency, comes in. We offer extensive training programs, from fragrance training to skincare training in Manchester, that keep your team up-to-date and equipped to make the most of the evolving market trends.


Retail Training: A Must for Success 

Retail training is more than a mere necessity – it’s the backbone of success in the competitive cosmetics industry. Statistics show that the impact of COVID-19 led to 37.2% of consumers buying their health and beauty products online, making it more crucial than ever to provide seamless retail experiences. Our retail training, available nationwide and specifically in Manchester, is tailored to ensure your team is prepared for both in-person and online interactions with customers. 


Enhance Your Offering with Makeup Training 

At INK Training Hub, we understand that makeup is a significant part of the beauty sector. In fact, sales of colour cosmetics in the UK were forecasted to reach £2.5bn in 2021, demonstrating a vibrant market for your brand to tap into. Our expert makeup trainers provide comprehensive makeup training to enhance your team’s skills, helping you to secure a larger share of this lucrative market.


Master the Market with Cosmetics Training 

Our cosmetics training programs are designed to provide your team with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the third-largest cosmetics market in Western Europe. With a predicted growth of the UK’s organic cosmetics market to £339 million by 2025, it’s vital that your team understand the market’s nuances. Whether you need a cosmetics trainer for a large group or one-on-one coaching, INK Training Hub is here to support your needs. 


Fragrance Training: Unlocking a World of Scents

Fragrance plays a critical role in the beauty industry. At INK Training Hub, we offer in-depth fragrance training in Manchester and beyond. Our trainers are well-versed in the art and science of scent, empowering your team to recommend fragrances confidently and create memorable customer experiences.


Skincare Training: The Foundation of Beauty 

The skincare market in the UK is on the rise, with projections stating that it will reach USD 24.37 billion by 2024. As skincare products continue to gain popularity, skincare training in Manchester and other parts of the UK becomes increasingly crucial for any beauty business. Our dedicated skincare training programs aim to equip your team with the knowledge to recommend the right products to consumers, enhancing your brand’s credibility and customer loyalty. 


INK Training Hub: Your Beauty Training Agency of Choice 

INK Training Hub is more than a training provider. We’re your partner in navigating the dynamic beauty industry. Our holistic approach to training, covering everything from retail training to makeup training, ensures your team is well-equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities the UK beauty industry presents. 

We understand that every team and brand is unique. That’s why our training programs are tailored to your specific needs, providing personalised solutions that resonate with your brand values and business objectives. Whether you’re a startup entering the cosmetics industry or an established brand looking to upskill your team, INK Training Hub is here to guide you every step of the way.

In an industry characterised by rapid change and intense competition, keeping your team’s skills sharp is essential. At INK Training Hub, we leverage our expertise to provide industry-leading training, from retail training to fragrance training in Manchester, that keeps your team on the cutting edge of the beauty industry. So why wait? Start navigating the UK cosmetics industry with confidence. Reach out to INK Training Hub today and let us empower your team to deliver beauty experiences like no other.

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