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About ink

INK Training Hub stands as your reliable training consultancy, delivering a wide array of beauty, skincare, and fragrance solutions designed to educate and inspire. Conceived by our Founder and Managing Director, Yasaman Shoaei, INK Training is committed to offering comprehensive options for both client and team development. Our bespoke services include:

  • Comprehensive Brand and Product Training
  • Expert Fragrance, Skincare and Cosmetics Training
  • Visual Merchandising and Branding
  • Creative Content Creation
  • Courses in Retail Excellence and Customer Service
  • Informative Seminars and Masterclasses
  • Product Launches
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Sales Management

Each is tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, fostering an environment of continual learning and professional growth.

Sales Management

INK Training Hub recognizes the crucial role of product information in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Our brand trainers assist your sales associates to become well-versed in your product range, helping them deliver on your brand’s strengths and build trust with customers. By implementing effective sales techniques through our training, we help your point-of-sales staff provide personalized services to beauty-seeking customers, thereby boosting sales. We also nurture beauty associates with training for beauty and retail teams, turning them into experts of cross-selling and up-selling, a strategy vital for enhancing the average spend per customer.


Brand Training

At INK Training Hub, we understand the significant role your brand plays in shaping customer perception. Therefore, our brand trainers focus on training your retail associates about your brand’s values, missions, origins, heritage, and key figures. Through our cosmetics, fragrance and skincare training methods, we ensure that the staff understands and regularly uses your brand’s specific vocabulary to maintain a consistent and authentic brand image. Furthermore, we teach staff members basic etiquette, personal presentation, grooming, and product handling techniques to offer a comprehensive brand experience to your clients.


Product Launch and Promotions

We acknowledge the significant role of product launches in driving sales in the beauty, fragrance, skincare and cosmetics industries. Our brand trainers ensure that your beauty consultants are well-informed about new product details, which is essential to promote them effectively and maximize the impact of the launch campaign. We also align your sales team with promotional campaigns’ objectives, strategy, and sales targets. We then leverage feedback from your frontline to understand customer responses, a crucial aspect of our makeup sales training.


Visual Merchandising and Branding

INK Training Hub knows the importance of a visually pleasing retail environment in enhancing the shopping experience. Our brand trainers provide detailed instructions on product display and maintaining beauty counters, key aspects of successful visual merchandising. Additionally, with the high staff turnover rates in the cosmetics industry, our training for retail focuses on a quick, efficient, and cost-effective onboarding process. Our strategy includes product knowledge and guides on how to execute on-the-job tasks, ensuring a smooth transition into their roles.


Ongoing Support and Refresher Sessions

INK Training Hub is committed to providing ongoing training and support to all your business channels. Whether they are direct employees, franchisees, or resellers, our training for retail ensures that your team is equipped with the essential information to drive sales. Our cosmetics training module for example includes excellent customer service delivery, preparing your staff to provide personalized support and a positive brand experience. We focus on transforming your beauty associates into brand ambassadors, emphasizing employee engagement by providing growth opportunities and reinforcing company values. Our omni-channel management training prepares your team to interact seamlessly with customers, representing your brand cohesively. Lastly, we also prepare your retail team to respond effectively to any safety or security breaches, providing essential guidance on crowd management and loss prevention.



INK training Hub was born from a sense of innovation. We are always looking to expand creative mindsets, both internally and externally, as innovation makes INK Training stand out from the crowd


We create a customised solution for every client, focusing on both client KPIs whilst still enjoying the unique journey of each training programme.This approach is what makes our results so strong; we understand that, like our clients niche products, each programme we create is special and so are those team members who take the journey


We are experts in our understanding and application of our specialized skill sets, and ensure those teams we train value knowledge alongside their natural passions. If knowledge is power then INK Training are superheroes in our fields

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INK Training Hub is your go-to training company, providing a variety of inspirational and informative beauty, skincare, and fragrance products. Innovation, Niche, and Knowledge are our three pillars of excellence at INK Training.



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